Friday, February 8, 2013

"The Gender Variant Phenomenon--A Developmental Review" - Dr. Anne Vitale PhD

If you are here, you probably are transsexual or know someone who is. In either case, this paper is the best piece I have ever read for explaining the life stage struggles that transsexuals experience at all the stages of their lives; childhood, adolescence, young adult, middle age, and seniors. She also breaks transsexuals down into two groups of  MTF and one FTM group. My own life experience fits very well into what she calls "Group 3". If you are yourself transsexual, as I am, this may have a powerful emotional impact on you, as it did on me; you might want to have some tissues handy.

I highly recommend that you read this, and pass it on to others.

The Gender Variant Phenomenon--A Developmental Review

Thank you Dr. Vitale for an exceptional piece of work. 

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